le Moulin présente Ariana Nasr chante Piaf et Brel  


Les Productions le Moulin présentent Ariana Nasr chante Piaf et Brel....et en première partie, le guitariste (et accompagnateur) Curtis Thorpe./Ariana Nasr sings Piaf and Brel, with guitarist and accompanist Curtis Thorpe as opening act. 

le samedi (Saturday) 12 novembre chez Evelina à 7:30

Billets/Tickets: 20$ (étudiants/students 12$) en vente/on sale chez Evelina, Saulnierville Pharmacy, Weymouth Drugstore, Ocean Blue Music

www.lemoulin.ca                               www.ariananasr.com  

Hymne à l'Amour:      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exVNjV3BmVQ 

Edith Piaf était peut-être petite par la taille -elle ne mesurait que 4 pieds et 8 pouces- mais aucune artiste de la chanson française n'a jamais égalé sa stature colossale ou a réussi à habiter une chanson de manière plus convaincante et passionnée. Lorsqu'elle chantait elle s'incarnait en quelque sorte dans la chanson, et les mots semblaient refléter les hauts et les bas de sa vie personnelle, souvent tragique. Ses funérailles attirèrent des dizaines de milliers de personnes dans les rues de Paris. L'attrait de sa musique ne se dissipera jamais.


Edith Piaf may have been tiny of stature -no more than 4 feet 8 inches- but nobody in French musical history has ever matched her colossal status as a singer and no singer has ever inhabited a song more convincingly and passionately. She somehow became the song she was singing, and the words -even when written by others- seemed to be a reflection of the ups and downs of her own, often tragic life. Piaf's funeral drew tens of thousands to the streets of Paris, who followed her coffin to its final resting place. 


"During her colourful life, Edith Piaf (1915-1963) or 'the little sparrow', transformed herself from a waifish street urchin to an astronomically revered singer and veritable icon of French culture." -The Rough Guide to Edith Piaf


"Over 50 years after her death, Edith Piaf remains the epitome of passion in musical expression." (opening sentence of an article on Ariana Nasr) -Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle Herald, Dec. 18, 2015


Jacques Brel: (1929-1978) has very recently been called "arguably the finest craftsman of chansons in the history of modern music." -excerpt of review in Jazz Times (October, 2016) of new Brel tribute album. 


Brel has been a powerful musical force well beyond the French-speaking world. Gavin Friday, an Irish singer and one of many singers from the U.K. who have been greatly influenced by Brel, is quoted in an article in The Guardian: "True, language may be a barrier, but Friday has an answer: 'It's like a painting, isn't it? I might not understand everything literally, but I have the gist of it.' In other words, with Brel you either trust your French or you trust your gut. Either way, the effort is richly rewarded."


Please note that Ariana's Piaf-Brel show is generally performed for an anglophone audience and the  narration between songs will be in English. 

Praise for Ariana Nasr's show: "So, so good and almost inexpressibly cool." -Mike Campbell, owner of the Carleton, Halifax

"What a singer! Dramatic, theatrical, and so very musical. Nasr does not imitate but, rather, channels Piaf and truly embodies these glorious songs." Artistic Director, Deep Roots Music

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