le Moulin présente 6 Guitars  


Les Productions le Moulin présentent 6 Guitars (concert # 80!)

le dimanche/Sunday 24 avril/April @ 7:30 chez Evelina (Petit-Ruisseau)

Billets/Tickets: $22 à l’avance/in advance: Ocean Blue Music; Evelina’s; Saulnierville Pharmacy; Weymouth Drugstore; $25 à la porte/at the door or contact (902) 769-3288 or pcm.comeau@ns.sympatico.ca to reserve.

If you play a guitar, love guitars, or love people who play guitars, this show is a must-see! Okay, actually it is a must-see anyway. It's the show that we have been most excited to present all year. It really is fantastic! Then again, we're quite excited about our next two shows as well, which are also the lasts of the season!

6 Guitars is a pitch perfect blend of music, comedy and characters that started out touring the Fringe Festival circuit at Orlando in 2010. At that festival it won Best Solo Show, Best Male Actor, Best Musician, Best Original Play, Best in Venue, and Producer of the Year! Since then the show has traveled internationally, won 9 more awards, broke attendance records, and received high praise from critics. In Winnipeg the show was declared one of the Top 5 Highest Grossing Shows in that city’s Fringe Festival's 25-year History. They once sold 3000 tickets in 12 days!

Musician and actor Chase Padgett delivers a virtuosic performance as he becomes six different guitar players, each with his own distinct voice, views, and musical style, including blues, jazz, rock, classical, folk, and country. Over the course of the 85-minute show, each character shares his journey with music through a series of songs and stories that will leave you laughing, crying and falling in love with music all over again.


6 Guitars was written by Chase Padgett and Jay Hopkins and is performed by Chase Padgett

Merci à nos commanditaires/Thanks to our sponsors: Heritage Canada, Arts Nova Scotia, Yarmouth Mazda, Comeau’s Sea Foods Ltd., Caisse populaire de Clare, Saulnierville Pharmacy, Atlantic Presenters Association