Les Productions le Moulin présentent...  


Les Productions le Moulin présentent un double programme (a double bill): Wendell Ferguson et/and Alan Gerber. Chaque artiste jouera pendant une heure./Each artist will play an hour-long set. 

chez Evelina (Petit-Ruisseau/Little Brook), le mercredi (Wednesday) 16 septembre... 19h30/7:30 

Billets/Tickets: 20$ en vente/on sale: chez Evelina, Saulnierville Pharmacy, Weymouth Drugstore, Ocean Blue Music (Yarmouth) or contact: pcm.comeau@ns.sympatico.ca   (902) 769-3288

Wendell Ferguson: Sept fois gagnant du titre de guitariste de l'année de la Canadian Country Music Association et auteur-compositeur de chansons comiques./7-time winner of Canadian Country Music Association's Guitarist of the Year and singer-songwriter who specializes in humorous songs.


"His sense of humour and his ability to put that into a song is unparalleled in today's Canadian country music...absolutely hilarious...there's no end to the chuckles!" -Country Music News

Wendell has backed up Shania Twain and the Dixie Chicks, among many others; he has recorded with Gordon Lightfoot, Jane Siberry, Quartette, and many others. 

Wendell, guitariste  extraordinaire: 


Le prochain vidéo a été filmé au fameux Hugh's Room à Toronto. C'est tiré d'un film qui a gagné des prix à deux festivals internationaux de films./The next video was filmed at Hugh's Room, Toronto's most famous club. The video is an excerpt from a concert film that won awards at two international film festivals. 


Alan Gerber: Le retour de l'artiste légendaire qui donna notre premier concert en mars 2005. Son spectacle avait fait sensation./The return of the legendary boogieman who created quite a sensation when he performed as le Moulin's first artist in March 2005.       


Voici Gerber avec ses deux enfants./ Here is Gerber performing with his daughter and his son:


Gerber...one-man band:


"Gerber is an exhilarating, charismatic, and eccentric performer." -Dirty Linen magazine

"Alan is the only performer we have back every year and there is a reason for this. His concerts are wildly popular -the man's ability to entertain a sold out crowd with his killer piano, his huge expressive voice and his dynamic personality is truly amazing." -Al Rankin, presenter from Ontario (and Artistic Director of a festival) who has booked him 12 years in a row.

"Simply superb. We'll do whatever it takes to get him back. The concert was riveting. Alan's eyes, lyrics and smiles connected with the audience like no other." Peter Menzies, presenter, Home Routes, Dawson City, Yukon

Nous offrons présentement des billets de saison. Contactez-nous pour les détails/We now offer season tickets. Contact us for details.

Merci à nos commanditaires/Thanks to our sponsors: Patrimoine canadien, ArtsVest, Arts Nova Scotia, A. F. Thériault & Son Ltd., Dr. H.T. LeBlanc Dental Inc.