le Moulin présente Noël Wan  


le Moulin présente Noël Wan

Tickets: $25 @ Saulnierville Pharmacy, Clare Pharmacy (Meteghan River), Weymouth Drug Store, Ocean Blue Music or Contact: paulemilecomeau@gmail.com (902) 769-3288 or (902) 778-2429

Noël Wan is the youngest First Prize winner in the history of the World Harp Competition and the first Taiwanese harpist to win the Gold Medal in the USA International Harp Competition, one of the world's most prestigious harp competitions. She has also won many other prizes and she has been lauded as "a huge talent with hidden power and amazing maturity." An acclaimed soloist, she has performed across North America, Europe and Asia and she has been featured at Carnegie Hall and other such venues. She and her husband divide their time between Kitchener, Ontario and Tallahassee, Florida.

Noël Wan will perform a program that she calls "Écriture féminine," which is comprised of pieces written by women composers from the 20th and 21st centuries—some of whom are or were also harpists—who were inspired by the harp’s rich history, diverse musical traditions, and their own deeply personal experiences. She celebrates the ways in which the female body, mind, and soul has shaped and continues to shape our perceptions of this strange, beautiful, and complex instrument. A program pamphlet will be available at the venue.

Meet Noel Wan - youtube.com

This concert is part of the Debut Atlantic series. Merci à Patrimoine canadien, la Municipalité de Clare, Comeau's Sea Foods