le Moulin présente Michael Kaeshammer  


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Le Moulin présente Michael Kaeshammer (kaeshammer.com) pianiste et chanteur

Boogie-woogie, blues, jazz, stride, classique et pop avec Tom Easley (basse) et Geoff Arsenault (batterie).

Marc-Lescarbot le vendredi 11 novembre à 19h30

$30 à l’avance; $35 le jour même; $15 pour étudiants 

Billets en vente: Pharmachoice – Saulnierville;  Pharmasave – Meteghan Centre; Weymouth Drug Store; La Société acadienne de Clare; Ocean Blue Music - Yarmouth   contact: pcm.comeau@ns.sympatico.ca    (902) 769-3288 pour réserver.   C'est une occasion rare de voir cet artiste extraordinaire dans une petite salle et à un prix modeste.

Lauréat de plusieurs prix West Coast Music Awards, 2 prix Juno et 7 candidatures Juno

Voir des vidéos et des commentaires de la critique ci-dessous


Le Moulin presents Michael Kaeshammer (kaeshammer.com) Pianist and singer with Tom Easley (bass) and Geoff Arsenault (drums) at Marc-Lescarbot theatre (Church Point)Friday, November 11 at 7:30.

Boogie-woogie, jazz, blues, stride, classical and pop. This is a rare opportunity to see this extraordinary artist in a small venue and at a modest price.

$30 in advance; $35 on day of event; $15 for students...Tickets on sale: Pharmachoice – Saulnierville;  Pharmasave – Meteghan Centre; Weymouth Drug Store; La Société acadienne de Clare; Ocean Blue Music - Yarmouth  or contact: pcm.comeau@ns.sympatico.ca   or  (902) 769-3288 to reserve

Michael Kaeshammer is a 2-time Juno award winner and has had 7 Juno nominations and he has also won many West Coast Music Awards.

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The following video is a good representation of his talent. The first 4 minutes consists of boogie-woogie and that's followed by a song (a tribute to New Orleans) and then at 9 minutes he closes with an incredible fusion of classical and jazz.

ZoomerLife Conference 2013 | Michael Kaeshammer - youtube.com

Stop that Train video (youtube.com)


Critical acclaim

"Canada's triple threat Michael Kaeshammer earns critical acclaim and a growing fan base with his piano virtuosity." -The Hollywood Reporter

“He’s a showman. If you haven’t seen him live you haven’t really experienced him in his true element….a must-see live act.” – The Montreal Gazette

“Kaeshammer’s performances are a true joy and his energy knows no bounds. He has piano technique to burn and to his audience’s delight has an acrobatic way with a grand piano” -Erin Kennedy, artistic director at the Vernon Performing Arts Centre.

A reviewer of a performance at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival outside of Boston noted: “Drawing on a rock solid knowledge of the early piano greats, Kaeshammer does more than play the way they did. He entertains with a capital “E” the way they did… he taps into a part of music that’s almost lost—connecting deeply with the audience on a gut level, so they are no longer just spectators in the music-making. He is the ideal combination of intelligent, classy, talented and emotionally rich art and entertainment."