le Moulin présente Sheesham & Lotus & Son  


Les Productions le Moulin présentent Sheesham & Lotus & 'Son  chez Evelina

le samedi 14 mai à 20h/Saturday, May 14 at 8 pm

Billets/Tickets: 22$ à l'avance/25$ à la porte; en vente/on sale: chez Evelina; Saulnierville Pharmacy; Weymouth Drug Store; Ocean Blue Music (Yarmouth) or contact: pcm.comeau@ns.sympatico.ca

Sheesham (Crow): fiddle, harmonica, kazoo, whistling, jaw harp, bones, buck dancing, hambone, vocals

Lotus (Wight): banjo, Contrabass-Harmoniphonium, hambone, kazoo, vocals

'Son (Sanderson): sousaphone, harmonica, jaw harp


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Éloges pour le trio/Critical acclaim for the trio

"Through forty years of promoting traditional folk music I have rarely seen a more talented and entertaining group." -Artistic Director, Champlain Valley Folk Festival

"The auditorium was packed, and there was so much applause at the end of the first set, it was like the crowd wanted an encore at the intermission - amazing!" -Americana UK

"Rags, stomps, blues and waltzes, brilliantly performed..." -fRoots magazine (UK), April 2016

"The first Americana band in a long time that's really made me sit up and pay attention." -Mary Ann Kennedy, BBC Radio 3

"(They) keep a variety of old blues and hillbilly songs alive..." - AmericanRoots UK

"Catch them if you can." -BBC Radio 6

"Hugely entertaining - they stole the show!" -Maverick magazine (UK)

"Riotous fun - if you're a festival agent book them!" -Americana UK

"Lovely sepia-tinted music - I absolutely love it!" -Bob Harris (famous broadcaster), BBC Radio 2

"Authenticity is a much over-used, abused and misunderstood term but these three ooze it!" -Americana UK

Reviews of Lotus Wight's new banjo album:

"Wight's imaginative take on traditional repertoire makes for extraordinarily compelling listening, while delivering a valuable history lesson about Americana's most iconic musical instrument." -Songlines (UK world music magazine) review of Lotus Wight's Ode to the Banjo (April 2016)

"Standard, fretless and gourd varieties of the instrument are put to magnificent use on this slice of five-string heaven."  -fRoots, April 2016


Merci à nos commanditaires/Thanks to our sponsors: Patrimoine canadien, Comeau's Sea Foods Ltd., Saulnierville Pharmacy